Saturday, 1 December 2012

[Technology Garden] Uncover the mysterious veil of the morel (part 2) (20120530) - [科技苑]揭开羊肚菌的神秘面纱(下)


Artificial cultivation of wild morel is a worldwide problem. Zhu bucket tin by 27-year study found that the morel itself on the one hand there are many other edible fungi completely different characteristics, on the other hand, it is with the intricate relationship between the growth environment. Research team in order to achieve the artificial planting, Zhu bucket tin from fieldwork began, all the way to break through the barrier, continuous capture of breeding, artificial environment simulation, pest control and other kinds of checkpoints, and finally let morel in the Daejeon inside settled. In this program, will describe in detail the story of Zhu bucket tin R & D team.

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