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473 medicinal fungi from China

A revised checklist of medicinal fungi in China

DAI Yu-Cheng ; YANG Zhu-Liang

Abstract: More and more people have recently payed their attention to studies or investigations on medicinal fungi in China. However, many nomenclatural inconsistencies were found in the Chinese reports. The publications on Chinese medicinal fungi were critically reviewed. As a result, 473 medicinal fungi from China were enumerated in the present checklist. All of the  names were checked or revised in accordance with the contemporary taxonomy and the latest version of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Vienna Code). The ‘out-of-date’ names, ill-names, and un-existed names and misapplied names in the previous reports were revised. The common synonyms were listed after their valid names. The main medicinal functions of each species, together with the original or important references, were provided.
Key words: medicinal fungi, Latin name, nomenclature

菌物掌报 (Mycosystema) 15 November 2008. 27(6):801—824

 Full list of the Latin names and the main medicinal functions [Google translated]

Abortiporus biennis - Tumor suppression
Agaricus arvensis - Treatment of lumbar and leg pain, numbness, etc.
Agaricus bisporus - Aid digestion, lower blood pressure, anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Agaricus blazei - Blood pressure, anti-tumor
Agaricus campestris - Treatment of anemia, beriberi, dyspepsia, anti-bacterial, tumor suppression
Agaricus placomyces - Tumor suppression
Agaricus subrufescens - Tumor suppression
Agaricus subrutilescens - Tumor suppression
Agrocybe aegerita - Enhance immunity, suppression of tumor
Agrocybe cylindracea - Diuretic, spleen, diarrhea
Agrocybe dura - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
Agrocybe erebia - Tumor suppression
Agrocybe paludosa - Tumor suppression
Agrocybe pediades - Tumor suppression
Agrocybe praecox - Tumor suppression
Aleurodiscus amorphus - Tumor suppression
Amanita avellaneosquamosa - Treatment of lumbar and leg pain, numbness, etc.
Amanita griseofolia - Anti-eczema
Amanita hemibapha - Tumor suppression
Amanita manginiana - Tumor suppression
Amanita muscaria - Tumor suppression, sleep
Amauroderma rude - Anti-inflammatory, blood
Amauroderma rugosum - Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, stomach, tumor suppression
Ampulloclitocybe clavipes - Tumor suppression
Antrodia albida - Tumor suppression
Antrodia xantha - Antibacterial, tumor suppression
Antrodiella zonata - Anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Armillaria borealis - Sedation, enhance immunity, treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, limb numbness
Armillaria gallica - Treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, limb numbness
Armillaria mellea - Strengthening the immune system, insomnia and tumor suppression
Armillaria ostoyae - Sedation, enhance immunity, treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, limb numbness
Armillaria sinapina - Sedation, enhance immunity, treatment of neurasthenia, insomnia, limb numbness
Armillaria tabescens - Treatment of liver disease, tumor suppression
Astraeus hygrometricus - Bleeding, treatment of frostbite
Auricularia auricula - Ulcer, blood, lungs, bleeding, hypoglycemic
Auricularia delicata - Blood, lungs, bleeding, etc.
Auricularia mesenterica - Tumor suppression
Auricularia polytricha - Blood, pain, treatment of hemorrhoids, inhibiting tumor
Bankera fuligineoalba - Anti-inflammatory, inhibiting tumor
Battarrea phalloides - Swelling, bleeding, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification
Battarrea stevenii - Swelling, bleeding, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification
Beauveria bassiana - Antifungal treatment of diabetes
Bjerkandera adusta - Tumor suppression
Bjerkandera fumosa - Tumor suppression
Boletinus cavipes - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness
Boletus appendiculatus - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness
Boletus edulis - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Boletus erythropus - Tumor suppression
Boletus impolitus - Treatment of numbness, tumor suppression
Boletus pulverulentus - Tumor suppression
Boletus regius - Tumor suppression
Boletus rubellus - Tumor suppression
Boletus satanas - Tumor suppression
Boletus speciosus - Digestion, inhibition of tumor
Boletus violaceofuscus - Tumor suppression
Bondarzewia berkeleyi - Detoxication
Bondarzewia montana - Detoxication
Bovista nigrescens - Bleeding
Bovista plumbea - Bleeding, swelling, detoxification
Bovista pusilla - Swelling, bleeding, detoxification, clearing the lungs, throat Lee
Bovistella radicata - Bleeding, swelling
Bovistella sinensis - Bleeding, disinfect, clearing the lungs, swelling
Bulgaria inquinans - Can reduce blood viscosity, inhibit tumor
Calocybe gambosa - Qi, heat
Calostoma japonica - Tumor suppression
Calvatia caelata - Bleeding, disinfecting, detoxification
Calvatia candida - Fever, bleeding
Calvatia craniiformis - Inflammation, swelling, pain
Calvatia cyathiformis - Swelling, bleeding, detoxification
Calvatia gigantea - Swelling, pain, clearing the lungs, detoxification, treatment of skin fungal infection, tumor suppression
Calvatia lilacina - Bleeding, swelling, detoxification
Calvatia tatrensis - Bleeding, anti-inflammatory
Cantharellula umbonata - Tumor suppression
Cantharellus cibarius - And eyes, benefits the stomach, suppressing tumor, the treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections
Cantharellus minor - And eyes, Lee lung, stomach
Cantharellus tubaeformis - Anti-bacterial
Cerrena unicolor - Treatment of chronic bronchitis, tumor suppression
Chlorophyllum agaricoides - Swelling, bleeding, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification
Chroogomphus rutilus - Governance neurodermatitis
Clavaria zollingeri - Tumor suppression
Claviceps purpurea - Treatment of postpartum hemorrhage, migraine, etc.
Clitocybe candida - Anti-bacterial
Clitocybe fragrans - Tumor suppression
Clitocybe geotropa - Tumor suppression
Clitocybe infundibuliformis - Tumor suppression
Clitocybe nebularis - Anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Coprinellus micaceus - Tumor suppression
Coprinellus radians - Tumor suppression
Coprinopsis atramentaria - Digestible, expectorant, detoxification, swelling, tumor suppression
Coprinopsis cinerea - Tumor suppression
Coprinopsis friesii - Tumor suppression
Coprinopsis insignis - Tumor suppression
Coprinopsis lagopus - Tumor suppression
Coprinus comatus - Digestion, hemorrhoids, diabetes, tumor suppression, anti-fungal
Coprinus sterquilinus - Digestive, expectorant, detoxification, swelling, tumor suppression
Cordyceps crassispora - Strong, calm
Cordyceps forquignonii - Tonic and lung and kidney, treatment of hepatitis
Cordyceps gunnii - Pain, blood pressure, improve immunity
Cordyceps hawkesii - Nourishment, kidney, bleeding phlegm
Cordyceps kyusyuensis - Kidney and lungs, cardiac liver
Cordyceps martialis - Lung, kidney
Cordyceps militaris - Bleeding phlegm, suppression of tumor, antibacterial, kidney, treatment of bronchitis
Cordyceps nutans - Lungs, kidney
Cordyceps ophioglossoides - Blood circulation, regulate menstruation
Cordyceps polyarthra - Tonic and lung kidney
Cordyceps sinensis - Strong, calm, kidney, tumor suppression, treatment of a variety of lung diseases
Cordyceps sobolifera - Cool, fever, detoxification, diabetes, etc.
Cordyceps sphecocephala - Tonic and lung and kidney, bleeding phlegm
Cortinarius bovinus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius cinnamomeus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius collinitus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius glutinosus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius hemitrichus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius latus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius lividoochraceus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius mucifluus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius pholideus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius salor - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius sanguineus - Tumor suppression
Cortinariu torvus - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius turmalis - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius vibratilis - Tumor suppression
Cortinarius violaceus - Tumor suppression
Cryptoporus sinensis - This kind of hidden past with mixed volvatus C. volvatus
Cryptoporus volvatus - Such as asthma and bronchitis, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory
Cyathus stercoreus - Treatment of stomach
Cyathus striatus - Anti-bacterial, treatment stomach
Cyclomyces tabacinus - Tumor suppression
Dacrymyces palmatus - Tumor suppression
Daedalea dickinsii - Tumor suppression
Daedaleopsis tricolor - Tumor suppression
Dictyophora duplicata - Treatment of dysentery, enhance immunity, antibacterial, anti-aging
Dictyophora indusiata - Treatment of diarrhea, lower cholesterol, inhibit tumor
Dictyophora multicolor - Treatment of athlete's foot, enhance immunity, antibacterial, anti-aging
Disciseda cervina - Inflammation, bleeding
Earliella scabrosa - Blood circulation, itching
Engleromyces goetzei - Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
Entoloma abortivum - Tumor suppression
Entoloma clypeatum - Tumor suppression
Entoloma sinuatum - Tumor suppression
Fistulina hepatica - Suppression of tumor, treatment, gastro-intestinal
Flammulina velutipes - Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, inhibit tumor
Flavodon flavus - Tumor suppression
Fomes fomentarius - Stasis, tumor suppression
Fomitiporia hartigii - Tumor suppression
Fomitiporia punctata - Treatment of coronary heart disease
Fomitiporia robusta - Tumor suppression
Fomitopsis officinalis - Lower gas, swelling, urination, defecation, treatment stomach, tumor suppression
Fomitopsis pinicola - Expelling wind, moisture, inhibit tumor
Fomitopsis rosea - Tumor suppression
Ganoderma applanatum - Tumor suppression, anti-virus, lowering blood sugar, enhance immunity
Ganoderma lucidum - Brain, suppressing tumor, lowering blood pressure, anti-thrombosis, enhance immunity
Ganoderma sinense - Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, stomach, tumor suppression
Ganoderma tenue - Stabilization, treatment of hepatitis
Ganoderma tropicum - Treatment of coronary heart disease
Ganoderma tsugae - Sedative Bugan, tumor suppression
Geastrum fimbriatum - Inflammation, bleeding, detoxification
Geastrum triplex - Bleeding, disinfect, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification
Geastrum velutinum - Bleeding, detoxification
Gibberella fujikuroi - Red antipruritic substances produced by fungi, treatment of skin diseases etc.
Gloeophyllum sepiarium - Tumor suppression
Gloeophyllum subferrugineum - Shun Qi, dampness
Gloeophyllum trabeum - Tumor suppression
Gloeostereum incarnatum - Enhance immunity, anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Grifola frondosa - Treatment of liver disease, diabetes, hypertension, tumor suppression, inhibition of HIV virus
Gymnopilus aeruginosus - Tumor suppression
Gymnopilus liquiritiae - Tumor suppression
Gymnopilus spectabilis - Tumor suppression
Gyroporus castaneus - Tumor suppression
Hericium coralloides - Treatment of gastric ulcers, neurasthenia, to aid digestion
Hericium erinaceus - Tumor suppression, anti-aging, blood sugar, blood fat, anti-thrombosis, enhance immunity
Heterobasidion parviporum - Anti-bacterial
Hexagonia apiaria - Benefits intestine, stomach, etc.
Hohenbuehelia petaloides - Tumor suppression
Hydnum repandum - Tumor suppression
Hypholoma fasciculare - Tumor suppression
Hypholoma sublateritium - Tumor suppression
Hypocrella bambusae - Treatment of stomach problems, arthritis, psoriasis and vitiligo treatment so crazy
Hypomyces chrysospermus - Bleeding
Hypomyces hyalinus - Toxin poisoning bacteria
Hypsizygus marmoreus - Agglutination of red blood cell
Inocutis levis - Suppression of tumor, treatment of diabetes
Inocutis rheades - Bleeding, pain, hemorrhoids, etc.
Inocutis tamaricis - Bleeding, pain, hemorrhoids, etc.
Inocybe rimosa - Tumor suppression
Inonotus cuticularis - Shun Qi, bleeding, tumor suppression
Inonotus hispidus - Treatment of dyspepsia, bleeding, tumor suppression
Inonotus obliquus - Enhance immune function, lowering blood sugar, inhibit tumors
Irpex hydnoides - The species in the past harrow teeth and white capsule as a mixed bacteria I. lacteus
Irpex lacteus - Treatment of oliguria, edema, back pain, high blood pressure embolism, with anti-inflammatory activity
Ischnoderma resinosum - Tumor suppression
Laccaria amethystea - Tumor suppression
Laccaria laccata - Tumor suppression
Laccaria proxima - Tumor suppression
Laccaria tortilis - Tumor suppression
Laccocephalum mylittae - Insecticide, in addition to heat
Lactarius chichuensis - Tumor suppression
Lactarius deliciosus - Tumor suppression
Lactarius hatsudake - Tumor suppression
Lactarius hygrophoroides - Tumor suppression
Lactarius pallidus - Tumor suppression
Lactarius picinus - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness
Lactarius piperatus - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Lactarius subvellereus - Tumor suppression
Lactarius subvellereus - Shujin, tumor suppression
Lactarius subzonarius - Tumor suppression
Lactarius vellereus - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Lactarius volemus - Tumor suppression
Lactarius zonarius - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness
Laetiporus sulphureus - Replenishing qi and blood, tumor suppression
Laetiporus versisporus - Triterpenoids containing medicinal ingredients such as
Lampteromyces japonicus - Tumor suppression
Lasiosphaeria fenzlii - Lung, bleeding, swelling, detoxification, Lee jets
Lentinellus cochleatus - Tumor suppression
Lentinula edodes - Enhance immunity, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, inhibition of tumor
Lentinus lepideus - Tumor suppression
Lentinus strigosus - Treatment of scab, tumor suppression
Lentinus tuber-regium - Suppression of tumor, antimicrobial, the treatment of cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases
Lenzites betulina - And cold, so Shujin
Lepista irina - Tumor suppression
Lepista luscina - Tumor suppression
Lepista nuda - Anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Lepista sordida - Nourishing, beneficial God, Bugan
Leucopaxillus giganteus - Qi, heat, cold therapy, anti-tuberculosis
Lycoperdon asperum - Bleeding, anti-bacterial
Lycoperdon mammiforme - Bleeding, anti-bacterial
Lycoperdon perlatum - Swelling, bleeding, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification, antibacterial
Lycoperdon pyriforme - Bleeding, lung, larynx Lee, detoxification, inhibit tumor, anti-bacterial
Lycoperdon umbrinum - Inflammation, bleeding, anti-bacterial
Lycoperdon utriforme - Anti-inflammatory, detoxification, hemostasis, anti-bacterial
Lycoperdon wrightii - Bleeding, inflammation, detoxification, antibacterial
Lyophyllum decastes - Tumor suppression
Lyophyllum semitale - Tumor suppression
Lyophyllum transforme - Tumor suppression
Lyophyllum ulmarius - Tumor suppression
Lysurus mokusin - Tumor suppression
Macrolepiota procera - Digestive
Marasmiellus ramealis - Anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Marasmius androsaceus - Treatment of joint pain, inhibit tumor
Marasmius oreades - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Megacollybia platyphylla - Tumor suppression
Melanoporia castanea - Tumor suppression
Meripilus giganteus - Tumor suppression
Monascus purpureus - Digestion, blood circulation, pain, spleen
Montagnea arenaria - Inflammation, bleeding
Montagnea tenuis - Inflammation, bleeding
Morchella angusticeps - Treatment of gastrointestinal
Morchella crassipes - Indigestion, phlegm
Morchella deliciosa - Indigestion, phlegm
Morchella esculenta - Benefits intestines, phlegm, kidney, tumor suppression
Morchella hortensis - Tumor suppression
Morchella vulgaris - Benefits intestines, phlegm
Mycena alcalina - Tumor suppression
Mycena galericulata - Tumor suppression
Mycena haematopus - Tumor suppression
Mycena pura - Tumor suppression
Mycena roseomarginata - Tumor suppression
Mycena subaquosa - Tumor suppression
Mycenastrum corium - Swelling, bleeding, detoxification, Lee jets
Neolentinus adhaerens - Tumor suppression
Oligoporus obductus - Tumor suppression
Onnia flavida - Tumor suppression
Onnia vallata - Tumor suppression
Oudemansiella mucida - Anti-fungal, tumor suppression
Oudemansiella radicata - Lower blood pressure, inhibit tumor
Oxyporus corticola - Anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Panellus edulis - Strengthening the immune system, inhibiting tumor
Panellus stipticus - Bleeding, tumor suppression
Panus conchatus - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Parasola plicatilis - Tumor suppression
Paxillus involutus - Lumbar and leg pain, numbness, etc.
Penicillium notatum - Anti-bacteria
Penicillium solitum - Treatment of skin diseases and onychomycosis, etc.
Perenniporia fraxinea - Tumor suppression
Perenniporia martius - Bleeding, itching
Perenniporia robiniophila - Enhance immunity, suppression of tumor
Perenniporia subacida - Tumor suppression
Phaeolepiota aurea - Tumor suppression
Phaeolus schweinitzii - Tumor suppression
Phallus impudicus - Blood circulation, remove pain, rheumatism, clearing the lungs
Phallus rubicundus - Sandu, swelling
Phellinidium lamaënse - Tumor suppression
Phellinus baumii - Tumor suppression, lipid-lowering and anti-pneumonia
Phellinus conchatus - Blood circulation, detoxification, suppressing tumor, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus gilvus - Spleen, dampness, stomach, suppressing tumor, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus himalayensis - The species in the past has worked with P. pini Phellinus mixed pine as a
Phellinus igniarius - Bleeding, tumor suppression
Phellinus laevigatus - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus laricis - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus lonicericola - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus lundellii - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus macgregorii - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus pini - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus rimosus - Qi, blood, suppressing tumor, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus setulosus - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus torulosus - Detoxification, treatment of anemia
Phellinus tremulae - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus tuberculosus - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus vaninii - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellinus yamanoi - Suppressing tumors, strengthening the immune system
Phellorinia inquinans - Bleeding, swelling
Phlebia tremellosa - Tumor suppression
Pholiota adiposa - Anti-bacteria, enhance immunity
Pholiota flammans - Tumor suppression
Pholiota highlandensis - Tumor suppression
Pholiota lenta - Tumor suppression
Pholiota lubrica - Tumor suppression
Pholiota nameko - Anti-bacteria, inhibition of tumor
Pholiota populnea - Tumor suppression
Pholiota spumosa - Tumor suppression
Pholiota terrestris - Tumor suppression
Phylloporia ribis - Tumor suppression
Piptoporus betulinus - Antibacterial, tumor suppression
Pisolithus tinctorius - Swelling, bleeding
Pleurotus citrinopileatus - Enhance immunity, inhibit cancer, reduce blood ester
Pleurotus cornucopiae - Tumor suppression
Pleurotus dryinus - Treatment of emphysema
Pleurotus ferulae - Treatment of stomach
Pleurotus ostreatus - Treatment of lumbar and leg pain, numbness, veins not infrequent, tumor suppression
Pleurotus pulmonarius - Tumor suppression
Pleurotus spodoleucus - Tumor suppression
Podaxis pistillaris - Disinfection, bleeding, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification
Podostroma yunnanensis - Bleeding
Polyporus arcularius - Tumor suppression
Polyporus elegans - Shujin
Polyporus melanopus - Tumor suppression
Polyporus mori - Tumor suppression
Polyporus rhinocerus - Treatment of liver and stomach
Polyporus squamosus - Tumor suppression
Polyporus umbellatus - Diuresis, suppression of tumor, treatment of liver diseases
Polyporus varius - Expelling wind and cold, Shujin
Postia guttulata - Tumor suppression
Postia lactea - Tumor suppression
Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis - Tumor suppression
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum - Tumor suppression
Pseudomerulius aureus - Tumor suppression
Pulveroboletus ravenelii - Treatment of lumbar and leg pain, numbness, veins not infrequent
Pycnoporus cinnabarinus - Heat, inflammation, tumor suppression
Pycnoporus sanguineus - Anti-bacteria, inhibiting the tumor, to rheumatism, bleeding, itching
Pyrrhoderma adamantinum - Treatment of stomach
Ramaria apiculata - Tumor suppression
Ramaria aurea - Tumor suppression
Ramaria flava - Tumor suppression
Ramaria formosa - Tumor suppression
Ramaria hemirubella - Tumor suppression
Rhizopogon piceus - Bleeding
Rhizopogon roseolus - Tumor suppression
Rhodophyllus ater - Tumor suppression
Rhodophyllus murrayi - Tumor suppression
Rhodophyllus nidorosus - Tumor suppression
Rhodophyllus salmoneus - Tumor suppression
Rigidoporus ulmarius - Suppressing tumors, to repair a bone
Rozites caperatus - Tumor suppression
Russula adusta - Tumor suppression
Russula alutacea - Through tendons active, inhibiting tumor
Russula aurea - Tumor suppression
Russula crustosa - Tumor suppression
Russula cyanoxantha - Tumor suppression
Russula delica - Tumor suppression
Russula densifolia - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Russula emetica - Tumor suppression
Russula foetens - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Russula grata - Tumor suppression
Russula integra - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness
Russula lilacea - Tumor suppression
Russula nigricans - Treatment of backache leg pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Russula pseudodelica - Tumor suppression
Russula rosea - Tumor suppression
Russula rubescens - Tumor suppression
Russula sanguinea - Tumor suppression
Rusula senecis - Tumor suppression
Russula sororia - Tumor suppression
Rusula vesca - Digestion, inhibition of tumor
Russula vinosa - Anemia
Russula virescens - Eyesight, tumor suppression
Russula xerampelina - Tumor suppression
Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Indigestion
Sarcodon imbricatus - Lower cholesterol
Schizophyllum commune - Treatment of neurasthenia, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting tumor
Schizostoma bailingmiaoense - Bleeding
Schizostoma dengkouense - Bleeding
Schizostoma laceratum - Disinfection, bleeding, detoxification
Schizostoma ulanbuhense - Bleeding
Scleroderma areolatum - Inflammation, bleeding
Scleroderma bovista - Inflammation, bleeding
Scleroderma cepa - Detoxification, swelling, bleeding
Scleroderma citrinum - Diminish inflammation
Scleroderma flavidum - Diminish inflammation
Scleroderma polyrhizum - Swelling, bleeding
Scleroderma verrucosum - Bleeding
Sclerospora graminicola - Heat, to facilitate
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum - Tumor suppression
Serpula lacrimans - Tumor suppression
Shiraia bambusicola - Cough, Shujin, Qi, blood, pass through, etc.
Simblum gracile - Tumor suppression
Sparassis latifolia - Antibacterial
Sphaerulina oryzina - Tumor suppression
Sporisorium sorghi - Treatment of irregular menstruation
Stereum gausapatum - Tumor suppression
Stereum hirsutum - Tumor suppression
Strobilomyces strobilaceus - Tumor suppression
Stropharia squamosa - Tumor suppression
Suillus bovinus - Tumor suppression
Suillus granulatus - Treatment of Kashin-Beck disease, inhibit tumor
Suillus grevillei - Treatment of low back pain pain, numbness, tumor suppression
Suillus luteus - Treatment of Kashin-Beck disease, inhibit tumor
Suillus viscidus - Tumor suppression
Taiwanofungus camphoratus - Tumor suppression
Tephrocybe anthracophila - Tumor suppression
Terfezia arenaria - Tumor suppression
Termitomyces eurhizus - Stomach, hemorrhoids, tumor suppression
Thelephora vialis - Treatment of low back pain pain, numbness
Trametes elegans - Carminative, anti-itching
Trametes gibbosa - Tumor suppression
Trametes hirsuta - Treatment of rheumatism, cough, purulent, tumor suppression
Trametes orientalis - Treatment of lung disease, inhibit tumor
Trametes pubescens - Tumor suppression
Trametes versicolor - Heat, inflammation, tumor suppression, treatment of liver diseases, etc.
Tremella aurantia - Phlegm, cough, blood pressure, inhibition of tumor
Tremella aurantialba - Treatment of asthma, phlegm, bronchitis, high blood pressure
Tremella foliacea - Treatment of gynecological diseases
Tremella fuciformis - Kidney, nourishing yin, lungs, heat, etc. Bunao
Tremella mesenterica - Treatment of neurasthenia, asthma, high blood pressure
Tremella samoensis - Qi
Tremella sanguinea - Treatment of gynecological diseases
Tremiscus helvelloides - Tumor suppression
Trichaptum abietinum - Tumor suppression
Trichaptum biforme - Antibacterial, antifungal, inhibiting tumor
Trichaptum byssogenum - Tumor suppression
Trichaptum fuscoviolaceum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma acerbum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma albobrunneum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma album - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma bakamatsutake - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma flavovirens - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma fulvum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma matsutake - GI benefits, inhibit tumors, bronchitis
Tricholoma mongolicum - Intestinal Qi, scattered blood heat, treatment of children with measles
Tricholoma muscarium - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma orirubens - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma populinum - Allergic vasculitis
Tricholoma portentosum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma robustum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma saponaceum - Anti-bacterial
Tricholoma sejunctum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma sulphureum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma ustale - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma vaccinum - Tumor suppression
Tricholoma virgatum - Tumor suppression
Tricholomopsis bambusina - Tumor suppression
Tulostoma brevistipitatum - Bleeding
Tulostoma brumale - Bleeding
Tulostoma cretaceum - Bleeding
Tulostoma helanshanense - Bleeding
Tulostoma jourdanii - Swelling, bleeding, clearing the lungs, Lee jets, detoxification
Tulostoma kotlabae - Bleeding, anti-inflammatory
Tulostoma lloydii - Bleeding
Tulostoma sabulosum - Bleeding
Tulostoma verrucosum - Bleeding
Ustilaginoidea virens - Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal
Ustilago crameri - Indigestion
Ustilago esculenta - Akame wind-heat treatment
Ustilago maydis - Treatment of liver and stomach, neurasthenia, etc.
Ustilago nuda - Sweating, pain
Ustilago tritici - Sweating, pain
Volvariella volvacea - Treatment of scurvy, tumor suppression
Wolfiporia cocos - Cough, diuretic, sedative, fever, suppression of tumor
Xeromphalina campanella - Tumor suppression
Xylaria nigripes - Facilitate, kidney, strengthening the immune system
Xylaria sanchezii - Facilitate
Xylobolus annosus - Tumor suppression
Xylobolus frustulatus - Tumor suppression
Xylobolus subpileatus - Tumor suppression

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