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My solid substrate for Tolypocladium / ElaphoCordyceps ophioglossoides

Like three weeks ago I posted my old ophioglossoides recipe to Mycosymbiotics' blog, but that blog seems to be quite dead now 
- that is, not updated for awhile. 

Anyway, below is that post of mine for those interested... 

Speeker DECEMBER 27, 2017 AT 1:40 PM
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The recipe I used in my old Ophio experiments.
It’s pretty basic recipe containing mainly rice and a small part
of some protein source, but no extra salts or vitamins.
A substrate recipe for ophioglossoides (by Speeker, 2008-11-19)
200g whole rice
300g water
30g skimmed milk powder
2g fresh yeast
4g sucrose
The culture was started from spores. Fruitbodies started forming but
the conditions at balcony probably weren’t ideal in the end.
Culture started by cloning didn’t do anything.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

[Wealth] North Cordyceps growing behind the twists and turns (20130111) - 北虫草种植背后的一波三折


This is an original wild mushrooms substances, why a lot of people do not know this kind of bacteria had sold for 1,000 yuan a pound? Originally engaged in the construction of the labor contractor, he tried the artificial cultivation of this fungus failed several times, throw out after several hundred thousand dollars, whether he can rely on planting this fungus, made in his expectations of wealth?

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Friday, 21 December 2012

North Cordyceps cultivation techniques (20121217) - 北虫草培育技术

冬虫夏草因为药用价值高,滋补功效好,而家喻户晓。有一种虫草,不仅价值可以和冬虫夏草相媲美,而且还可以人工规模化栽培。这就是北虫草。北虫草,学名叫蛹虫草。是冬虫夏草的一个亲姐妹,同属于真菌门,子囊菌纲,肉座菌目,麦角菌科,虫草菌属。是虫草菌属的模式种。北虫草刚收获时,样子有点像菌类,烘干后的北虫草更像草。是一种药、食两用真菌,可以全草入药,具有药用价值和滋补功能。 本期节目就向朋友们北虫草的人工培育技术。

Cordyceps because of high medicinal value, tonic effects, while the household. A Chinese caterpillar fungus, not only the value and Cordyceps comparable, but also artificial large-scale cultivation. This is North Cordyceps. North Cordyceps school called Cordyceps Militaris. A Cordyceps sisters, belong to the same fungal door, Ascomycetes, meat seat bacteria mesh, ergot Division Cordyceps genus. Is the type species of the genus Cordyceps. North Cordyceps recently harvested, looks a bit like a fungus, North Cordyceps more like dried grass. A drug, edible fungus, whole plant medicine, medicinal value and nourishing function. In this program to friends Cordyceps artificial breeding techniques.

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Cordyceps Militaris artificial breeding techniques (20120612) - 蛹虫草人工培育技术


Cordyceps Militaris Cordyceps health product alternatives, are widely used in the pharmaceutical, favored by consumers. Artificial to cultivate Cordyceps Militaris, covering less cultivation period is short, and good economic returns, is a good project for rural farmers to get rich, and opened up new avenues for the industrial production of rare medicinal herbs. In this program, divided into six training stage Cordyceps Militaris cultivation techniques to introduce you to.

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Some Cordyceps and Paecilomyces spp that have produced fruiting bodies in artificial conditions


1. Cordyceps militaris, 2. Cordyceps taii, 3. Cordyceps phecocephla, 4. Cordyceps longissima,  5. Cordyceps bassiana, 6. Cordyceps oxycephala, 7. Cordyceps gracilioides, 8. Cordyceps myrmecophila, 9. Cordyceps formicarum, 10. Cordyceps formosana Kobayasi & Shimizu, 11. Cordyceps brongniatii, 12. Cordyceps nutans,  13. Cordyceps bifusispora aff., 14. Cordyceps gunnii var. minor

( 十七种虫草的子实体培育研究 Artificial culture of seventeen Cordyceps spp.
LI Chun-Ru, NAM Sung-Hee, GENG De-Gui, FAN Mei-Zhen, LI Zeng-Zhi )


Cordyceps sp. of Dr. Tapingkae (ทะพิงค์แก)
And (O)C. sobolifera cultivated with the same method. )


Cordyceps/Ophiocordyceps sinensis
( Professors Shen Nan Ying 沈南英 and Ke Chuan-Kui 柯传奎 1980's - 2004? )

Semicultivated Cordyceps/Ophiocordyceps sinensis
( Chinavivers and Daniel Winkler )

Paecilomyces cicadae ( Chai Yiqiu 柴一秋 ), Cordyceps cicadae (WANG, Yongjun et al .)

Paecilomyces/Isaria  japonica/tenuipes, Cordyceps pruinosa (Ho Gyoung Kim et al .)

and fumosoroseus, takaomontana, sinclairii, ophioglossoides, etc.etc...

few more nice pictures ( from )

Thursday, 6 December 2012

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Himalayan Viagra: A Mushroom Rises High

It’s one of the most expensive and elusive herbs in the world, selling at up to 8,000€ a kilo. Chinese billionaires want it for its legendary powers as an aphrodisiac. Doctors prize its medical properties. Every spring, entire villages in the Himalayas empty as people go in search of the yarshagumba mushroom. But it’s a difficult task, fraught with danger. The yarshagumba only grows for a few weeks of the year at high altitudes in the mountains. Harvesters, which include young children, run the risk of altitude sickness and breathing problems. We examine the yarshagumba phenomenon, following the mushrooms’ journey from the peaks of the Himalayas to the markets of Asia.


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